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1. Base period

If the first option is selected - the base period will be February 2022, while when the second option is selected, the month corresponding to 28 days before the tender opening date is used as a base period (which can not be earlier than February).

*As of April 27, 2022

2. Date of tender opening

Price indexation does not cover the works performed and subsequently reimbursed within the framework of the tenders announced from May 1, 2022.

Base month -

3. Specify the level of performed work within the contract as of March 1, 2022

In case of selecting option 1, the positive or negative balance caused by the price indexation applies to the contract. In case of selecting option 2, the positive balance caused by the price indexation applies to the contract

4. Information about the performed work

N End period of the work performed Cost of work performed, GEL Indexation amount, GEL Construction Cost Index compared to the base period Reimbursement amount, GEL
Year Month Date
*The supplier is responsible for the accuracy of the entered data
*The purchaser is obligated to verify the accuracy of the data provided by the supplier before the reimbursement

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